857 Lafayette

After sitting vacant for over 15 years, Belmont Housing Services of WNY will be transforming a portion of the remaining Homeopathic Hospital / Gates Circle Hospital into affordable housing. A mix of studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, along with community rooms, fitness center and transformed courtyard for recreation will rehabilitate the long derelict site.

Comprised of three distinct wings of three varying time periods (1908, 1920’s, and 1958) structural systems, masonry detailing and wide-spread damage from neglect varies throughout, requiring specific solutions to each wing. After other portions of the hospital were demolished, a “scar” on the original 1908 building remains. A modern solution utilizing historic materials (terra cotta and glass) is proposed to provide a contemporary and welcoming entrance to the site. Areas of extensive exterior terra cotta and glazed brick repair are scheduled along with historically sensitive windows, replacing non-sensitive replacements.

Apartments all take advantage of generous windows and daylighting typical of historic hospitals. Community spaces and services are centrally located. An existing courtyard will be transformed into a shared “backyard” for all residents, including a playground for those residents with children. Interior finishes and signage design are inspired by the building, while working together to provide wayfinding at stairwells and elevator lobbies. The project also meets NYSERDA requirements and is fully electric with new 23kv service.

Receiving funding from multiple government agencies and private investment, including 9% from HCR, the project brings affordable housing to a section of Buffalo that has recently priced out long-time residents.  The project fully complies with HCR’s Design Guidelines.

Belmont Housing Services of WNY Buffalo, NY 2026
  $24,000,000 103,600 sf