Historic / Adaptive Reuse

An appreciation for historic architecture has led us toward opportunities to renovate important structures with sensitivity and accuracy. 

As a result of more than four decades of experience, we’ve learned that each project presents it’s a unique set of challenges. With this in mind, we advance carefully through the preservation project to ensure the existing structure is honored and protected while maintaining structural integrity and its contextual value in the surrounding built fabric.

Our process is multifaceted and begins with comprehensive research to evaluate the original design and current conditions, followed by planning and design to ensure the building will be preserved and celebrated well into the future. We strive to balance appropriate design with technological innovation that will integrate into the building collectively. 

At the beginning of a historic preservation project, our team analyzes aspects such as the project’s relationship to history, physical condition, proposed use, code requirements and economic feasibility. Using all of these parameters as a guide, the project evolves into a compelling conduit for community stakeholders and visitors to memorialize history through architecture.