Admissions Building

The Admissions Building at any college is often the first impression of the institution to a prospective student and their family.


Hobart & William Smith Colleges has taken the opportunity to capitalize on this experience with a new admissions building. The new facility provides a warm reception to all who visit and it tells the story of Hobart & William Smith Colleges.

An expansive addition is blended with the original architecture. It also incorporated a new code compliant staircase connecting all three levels of the building which is located within.

The living room is a comfortable space for families as they await the college interview or tour. Amenities include comfortable furniture with a lake view and artwork that tells the impressive history of Hobart & William Smith Colleges.


Hobart & William Smith Colleges Geneva, NY 2006
  $1,500,000 10,000 sqft. Addition
  Interior Design Renovation