Broadway Market

Recently, the State of New York (through Empire State Development) announced an initiative to invest capital funds in the renewal and redevelopment of Buffalo’s East Side through the revitalization of the iconic Broadway Market. Located in the heart of the Broadway-Fillmore Historic District, The Broadway Market is one of the oldest public markets in Buffalo, NY. It has provided a steadfast place for merchants, customers, neighbors and strangers to gather, shop and socialize. The Broadway Market has long reflected the diverse communities surrounding it and has historically contributed to the identity, distinctiveness, character and vibrancy of its neighborhood. The involvement, input and contributions of over 1,000 participants reinforced the importance of the Broadway Market as a significant structure providing a home for an historic Buffalo institution – one that should remain a key and vital contributor to the future of its current neighborhood surroundings.



A series of architectural recommendations by CJS Architects and its team will improve the quality of the surrounding streetscape, provide visual interest and transparency along the majority of facades, reorganize and expand the variety of vendor types operating in the Market, and provide a number of program and community enhancements – all while retaining the key character of the existing waffle-slab structure. The goal was to reimagine the building while maintaining and promoting its historical significance as a valued institution in the Broadway-Fillmore District and the region as a whole.

NY Empire State Development and City of Buffalo Buffalo, NY