Elderwood staff and services have grown dramatically over the past few years spurring the need for a new office. 

The goal was to combine administrative staff in one place to facilitate communication and collaboration. The offices for all management and administrative services, totaling more than 100 employees, are all now headquartered at Five Hundred Seneca.

The 25,000 square feet build out features an open floor plan which respects the historical loft nature of the building and the Hydraulic District it resides in. The white monochromatic color scheme creates a blank canvas that enables the selective bursts of colors found in the art and furniture to make a distinct statement.

The use of DIRTT glass wall systems create an open feeling and allows abundant natural light into the conference rooms and office areas to promote a year round connection to nature and overall well-being.


Elderwood Buffalo, NY 2017
  25,000 SQFT Brownfield Tax Credits Commercial Space
  Historic Rehabilitation Offices