Geva Theatre

The Geva Theatre renovation is the evolution of many lives the former Naval Armory - Convention Hall, built in 1868.

CJS renovated all the public spaces, offices and dressing rooms throughout the building. Our interior design team worked to assist the owner in selecting the appropriate finishes for replacing the seating and carpeting in Wilson Stage. By creating a new mezzanine floor we provided room for a new patron lounge and ADA access to the balcony level at Wilson Stage.

Phase 1 - Included the complete renovation of the second floor which houses; offices, rehearsal room, kitchen and meeting rooms for staff. By renovating the existing mezzanine office space it allowed us to bring in more light and create a more efficient layout to the floor plan.

Phase 2 - Enhanced the visitor’s experience on the main floors by including a new ticket office, bars, exhibits and more to bring the theatre experience alive in the lobby area.

Geva Theater Center Rochester, NY 2016
News Photo Flash: Geva Completes Renovation of Its Historic Home October 11, 2016