Golisano College of Computer Science

CJS designed a 125,000 sf addition to an existing building to house the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, one of the nation’s premier computing college and research facilities.


The design team was interested in a facility that promoted interaction on all levels. The Dean’s office is located near the front door in order to welcome perspective students and their families. Faculty offices surround large internal computer lab spaces which facilitate student-faculty communication.

At convenient locations throughout the facility, informal lounges provide natural light to the corridors and meeting spaces. Computer labs have floor to ceiling glass walls along the corridor side  and offer natural light and a sense of openness.

Golisano College is home to RIT’s computer science, computing security, information sciences and technologies, and software engineering departments, as well as the PhD program in computing and information sciences, and the School of Interactive Games and Media.


Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY Higher Education 2003
  $14,000,000 125,000 sqft. Classrooms, Administrative Spaces
  Computer & Technology Labs New Construction