Texas De Brazil

CJS has been retained as the preferred Architect of Record for the Texas de Brazil chain of Brazilian steakhouse and churrascaria style restaurants. 

To date CJS has served as architect on two units that are currently operational with two additional locations in various stages of permitting and construction.  Over the next two years CJS is slated to serve as architect on approximately 15-20 more restaurants.

CJS primary responsibilities for each restaurant include the following:

  • General review of restaurant & kitchen layout provided by the Owner for function and flow.
  • Review of desired floor plan for compliance with local building code requirements.
  • Coordination of MEPFP & structural design with the floor plan.
  • Assisting the Owner with all, or some, of the following (unique to each jurisdiction):  plan submission for building permit, permit applications, health department applications, etc.
  • Assisting the Owner & CM on design and detailing for standard design features/elements, to be implemented on all future restaurants.


Texas De Brazil Rochester, NY 2016
  New Construction Restaurant