The Strong Museum, Entrance Atrium

This addition to the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, created a new entrance to the existing museum as well as a dramatic atrium used for varied functions and public space. 

The glass and concrete structure houses an internal street, a park, an authentic 1950’s stainless steel diner, a three story brick tenement building, and a carousel creating a nostalgic 1950’s environment, a central theme of the museum.

The windows of the tenement building are equipped with electrical outlets tied to a computer system allowing each window to become a living exhibit in itself.

The 50-foot high structure angles dramatically towards the city center and affords the visitors a superb view of the Rochester skyline.

The Strong National Museum of Play Rochester, NY 1998
  $3,000,000 16,000 sqft. Addition Admissions
  Atrium Entrance Exhibits Food Service
  Gift Shop