March 23, 2017

Dobutsu coming to 500 Seneca

As if 500 Seneca could get any better, there are now plans by Connie and James Roberts of Toutant to open a 110 seat seafood restaurant called Dobutsu (pronounced dough-boot-soo).

 The menu will feature regional American and Asian Pacific cuisine, and will provide guests with a minimalist contemporary setting, with a casual vibe.Once open, there will be a complete focus on the quality of the fish. The preparation is anticipated to be upscale with flavor profiles influenced by the California Coast, Hawaii, and Japan. According to the owners, the guests to Dobutsu can expect to find “seafood grilled on a close flame Robata grill, Hawaiian Poké rice bowls, fresh and substantial Pacific-style produce-focused salads, and globally-themed noodle dishes such as ramen made with pork and roasted chicken.”

Along with local beers and wines, the bar menu will reflect the drinks from the regions aforementioned, along with frozen drinks and classic cocktails. The bar will seat 30. The dining areas will accommodate 80. There will also be a designated bar area for a raw and cold menu – a nod to noodle bars of Japan and Hawaii. 

Upon walking into the restaurant, seafood lovers will be greeted by a seafood display featuring the fresh catches offered on the menu. Those dining in a large private dining room will have an excellent vantage point onto the main production kitchen.

Along with the main menu, there will also be a focus on traditional street food (small plates), vegetarian offerings, shared appetizers and non-seafood entrees. 

When the weather is agreeable, there will be seating on a courtyard patio, although the interior format of the dining area will be the place to be, due to the exquisite nature and history of the building.

500 Seneca is situated in a prime location, between Larkinville and Downtown Buffalo. There is a heavy concentration of professional office workers within the building, as well as numerous events that are staged throughout the year.

Happy Hour and Dinner service will be five nights a week Tuesday through Saturday | Lunches will be served Wednesday through Friday

Dobutsu is slated to open in July 2017.

Original article posted in Buffalo Rising

Dobutsu coming to 500 Seneca