Mixed Use / Residential

The most fundamental type of structure is that which shelters you from the elements and provides you with the space to live.

In the modern world, society requires a varied range of services to be located in closer proximities often times to benefit from their adjacent efficiencies. Mixed Use facilities connect other types of communities to each other through an intricate framework of infrastructure, amenities, residential living and public spaces.  

Project Client Date Completed
857 Lafayette Belmont Housing Services of WNY 2026
Private Residence Private Residence
Private Residence Private Residence 2022
The Strong Parking Structure The Strong National Museum of Play 2020
110 Cherry Street Visum Development 2022
132 Cherry Street Visum Development 2023
Broadway Townhouses Capstone Development 2020
VIDA Konar Properties 2019
625 S. Goodman Mark IV Enterprises 2020
Tommyrotter Distillery Tommyrotter Distillery 2015
Dobutsu Dobutsu Restaurant 2018
Winkler & Samuel's Wine Store Winkler & Samuel's 2017
Halo Lofts Empire Living LLC 2006
Mentholatum Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. 2018
The Cooperage Ellicott Development 2018
Texas De Brazil Texas De Brazil 2016
Erie Station Villages Konar Properties 2014
The Sinclair Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. 2016
Strong Neighborhood of Play The Strong National Museum of Play
University of Rochester College Town University of Rochester 2015
South and Hickory Place Konar Properties 2010
Park Point, Collegetown Wilmorite Inc. 2008
The Sagamore Christa Development Corporation 2006
Harold's Square L Enterprises, LLC 2020
University Village at Fredonia SUNY Fredonia 2014
Buffalo River Landing Savarino Companies 2016
Brockport Student Housing Dormitory Authority of the State of New York 2007
Five Hundred Seneca Savarino Companies 2015
301 Ohio Street Ellicott Development 2016
Southworks District L Enterprises, LLC
Cultural District Townhouses Developer - Multiple 2006